Students for Students is an organization that was created by the students of LECOM-SH to foster a culture of support and advocacy for the students, by the students. Students for Students is not a national organization but rather a group of students hoping to change the spirit on campus.

As stated by its founder, Nolan Patel (LECOM-SH Class of 2020), Students for Students has some important goals:

“1) Prevention: You may be getting by just fine but just need to get some things off your chest about school or life and need someone to talk to. Maybe things aren’t going just fine and you need to lean on someone, we’re here regardless of your circumstances and regardless of the severity. We want to help you address your struggles, your stressors, your insecurities, and anything else before they get to a point where you are feeling overburdened or trapped. Whether its one of us team members, another 2nd year we might be able to refer you to, or an outside professional, there are resources no matter what. We will also be organizing events to discuss topics like panic attacks, depression, anxiety, grief, staying motivated, staying organized and dealing with family and personal relationships while in school.

2) Support: Maybe you’ve already addressed that you’re struggling, maybe you’ve already sought out help but you still could use an outlet by talking to some classmates or someone from our team or maybe even a faculty member that we as Students for Students organize for you. This journey is difficult as it is, it’s even more difficult while dealing with things unrelated to academics. We want to help soften the burden and facilitate a healthier and more comfortable environment for you and your classmates.

The team is available 24/7 (or as close to that as possible) to talk about anything and everything.  We’ll also be holding small (or large!) groups “fireside talks” in a designated safe space on campus. You can bring anything to the table, no judgment, no biases, no holding back. These are going to be comfortable, casual talks about anything.

3) Advocacy: This group is for the students, run by the students, with MINIMAL involvement by the faculty. We always want your feedback as to how we can better support the students’ wellbeing and mental health.

We’ll be planning events throughout the school year to bring both classes together, to give you guys a break from school, and to remind you that there is a lot more to life than the books.”

2017 S4S Founders, Class of 2020: Nolan Patel, Katey McCabe, Natalie Smith, Andrew Adorno, Cynthia Ha, Sohaib Syed

Current Students for Students Chair: Simran Jaspal