The Student American Academy of Osteopathy (SAAO) is a national organization that provides students with an interest in osteopathic manipulative treatment the opportunity to learn, develop, and practice skills in OMT. Every year, they host a Convocation with workshops in multiple OMT fields, guest speakers with research presentations involving the benefits of OMT, and evenings of learning OMT techniques from nationally known osteopathic physicians.

The Seton Hill campus chapter offers review notes and weekly practice sessions to improve OMT skills for members. Practice of these techniques gives students the chance not only to review for practicals or exams, but also allows extra practice time for students to receive constructive feedback on their skills from second year students.

The Mock Practical is open to all students, but non-members pay a fee. For this event, SAAO board members set up the OMT lab as it will be set up for the final practical. Board members each have a station, and participants would be able to go through a full practical while receiving feedback on how they performed. Each participant would have a unique practical. This event occurs the week before the final practical would take place.

Club activities include:

  • Member benefits: OMT review sessions, OPP review notes, Mock Practical
  • Annual member events: National Convocation
  • Community events: Fall Used Coat and Glove Drive

Thomas Bonitz | President

Brittany Urwin | Vice President

Natalie Cappelli | Treasurer

Victoria Romano, Rachael Hockenberry | Review Coordinators

Gregor Dudiak | Secretary

Khaled Abdel Aziz | National Representative

Katarina Poynor | Clinical Years Coordinator

Mikayla Dove | Mascot

Dr Kevin Thomas | Advisor