DO Day on the Hill

Every year students from LECOM at Seton Hill along with students from LECOM – Erie travel to Washington D.C. to spend the day discussing what Osteopathic Medicine is with legislators of the U.S. Government. DO Day is a way for osteopathic medical students and physicians to connect with the legislative aspects of medicine that ultimately govern how medicine is run in the U.S. health care arena. This years DO day was held on March 5, 2019.


LECOM-Erie and LECOM-Seton Hill students representing their campuses at this year’s DO Day on the Hill.


OMS-I LECOM-Seton Hill students representing our campus at DO Day on the Hill. First Row from left to right: Mike Boyle, Haley Majot, Anna Goetze (SOMA President), Deepak Salem Second Row from left to right: Carlie Mendoza (SOMA NLO), Patricia Pleta



SOMA officers from LECOM-Erie, LECOM-Bradenton, and LECOM-Seton Hill