We, as chairs of the Family Medicine Club here at LECOM-Seton Hill, would first like to welcome you to our beautiful campus located here in Greensburg, PA. Though this area may seem rural to some, the region has a lot to boast about, but what is more important than the location, is the people who are within it. We here at LECOM are a family and we hope to continue our tight-knit traditions with each incoming class. We all have the same end goal, to become physicians, so let us work together to make our lives easier in a situation that is far from easy.


To promote a family atmosphere for students and staff at LECOM-SH while also stimulating interests in the field of primary care. To work with our community in promoting positive outreach for LECOM-SH.


  1. Meeting at SHU with perspective LECOM students and current EAP students.
  2. Meeting at St. Vincent with perspective LECOM students and current EAP students.
  3. Inter-professional relationship building: Coffee and Donut Day for both LECOM students, staff, and the PA program staff and students at Seton Hill. (Can incorporate nursing program once it begins)- This will be completed along with the help of Chair Sean Vallabh (Health and Wellness Club)
  4. Attempt to have 1 community service project each year. -Working with Health and Wellness Club
  5. Invite a family physician to speak to us his/her typical day and the importance of considering family medicine as there will always be a demand in the field.
  6. Working with SHU undergraduate program in respects to anatomy (helping the future of our profession while also helping us by sharing knowledge)

Family Medicine Co-Chairs: Tiffany Dattel

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Kevin Thomas and Dr. Kathleen Daniele