ACOS-MSS is the official Medical Students Section (MSS) of the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons (ACOS).

ACOS-MSS was established to provide a means for students interested in the surgical specialties to participate in the activities and governance of the ACOS. The purpose of ACOS-MSS is to represent and educate future osteopathic surgeons through local chapters. The fundamental principles of student education in surgery include:

  • Stressing the understanding of osteopathic principles in relationship to disease in the practice of surgery
  • Helping to promote education in the field of surgery, including gowning and gloving, scrubbing, sterile technique, suturing and tying techniques, operating room behavior, instrumentation, universal precautions, osteopathic manipulative management of the surgical patient, pre and post-operative management of surgical patients, and surgical documentation
  • Providing a forum for discussion amongst students and surgeons

Previous and Current Club Activities

  • Attending various ACOS-MSS sponsored conferences at venues like PCOM, Cesar’s Palace Las Vegas, CCOM, KPCOM, and TCOM
  • Scrubbing classes at local hospitals to learn proper OR techniques
  • Opportunities to shadow both general and orthopedic surgeons in the area
  • White coat sale and suture kit fundraisers

President: Laura Holton

Vice President: Alexandra Hart

National Liaison Officer: Samuel Lassiter

Secretary: Elisabeth Kan

Anesthesia Chair: David Miller

Orthopedics Chair: Caleb Hogge

Radiology Chair: Thomas Bonitz

Anatomy Chair: Gregor Dudiak

Neuro Chair: Hunter Obeid

Cardiovascular Chair: Stephanie Tafakji

Surgery Chair: Lee Cooper

Advisor: Dr. Donald Linville

The SOSA Spring Conference was held at KPCOM – Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL on March 17-18, 2018. Attendees from LECOM at Seton Hill included President Bradley Winegardner (OMS-I), Vice President Jason Barfuss (OMS-I) and National Liaison Officer Sabrina Libretti (OMS-I). Activities included lectures by surgeons of different specialities (Neurosurgery, Urology, Gynecology, General Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery), many workshops including OR scrubbing and gowning, suturing, casting, bone drilling, laparoscopy, intubation, lumbar punctures, central line placement, as well as research poster presentations and a panel for surgical residency discussion.